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Purchase just the scope for use with your own
tablet or laptop. 

Check out the features of the eSCOPE ELITE4:

Number of Channels:


A/D Vertical Converter Resolution:

Maximum Scope Throughput:

Voltage Attenuator:

Display Modes:

Deep Record Mode:

Pressure Transducer:

Ignition analyzer: 

PC Compatible:

Power Requirements:

USB connection to PC:

Scope Storage:


4 traces.

Separate colors for each channel that match leads.

16 bit (65,536 discrete levels).  This gives very fine voltage resolution over a very large voltage range.  I.E. +/-20 volt range has a 0.0006 mV resolution.

1 Mega samples per second.

Up to +/-500V software selectable attenuator built into scope.

Dual Screen, Single Screen, Stacked Scope, Measure and Deep record, and Meter.

Allows data to be recorded without any setup at all and without missing any data.  Then use features such as zoom in, zoom out, zoom window, zoom reset and cursors.  Apply filtering, turn signals on/off, and rearrange waveforms as you wish. Saved files can be reopened and manipulated in the same way at any time.

Drives four pressure transducers at once with full Pressure/Vacuum conversions. Additionally the eSCOPE ELITE4 comes with patented pressure transducer overlays.


Includes full ignition analyzer software.

Runs on any Windows based PC.

Powered via PC’s USB connector. 

USB 2.0 or USB 3.0.

Unlimited Storage of waveforms and settings.

Built in help plus U.S. based customers receive live one-on-one log in support.


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