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eSCAN PRO Intelligent Power Scan

QUICKLY diagnose tough drivability problems!

All scantools display DTCs and allow you to view PID Data. Most tools just suck out data and spit it raw, onto the scanner screen. They ignore valuable clues that help fix cars. That's because they just don't have eSCAN PRO SharpshooterTM diagnostic tool box, an entire set of built-in assistants that search and interpret data. eSCAN PRO is like a diagnostic compass that points you in the right diagnostic direction. For your convenience, eSCAN PRO is available with corded or wireless Bluetooth interface that avoids needless cables and shop clutter. Order your eSCAN PRO and start fixing cars faster—today!

eSCAN PRO has many remarkable capabilities 
not found in any other scan tools 

The eSCAN PRO features:

► Very Fast Auto Connect

► Easy PID Setup plus Calculated PIDs

► Digital and Slide Bar Readouts

► Powerful Graphing

► Reading and Decoding Mode6 Data

► Recording of Data and Screen Shots

► Cursor Measurements of Charted or Recorded Data

► Reading and Decoding DTCs and Pending Codes

► Reading Freeze Frame Data

► Reading and Plotting Monitors

► Reading O2 Sensor Data

► Resetting DTCs

The eSCAN alert lights on the left side of each screen are constantly updated and give you information on Bank 1 and Bank 2 as well as the status of the control system.


The eSCAN includes patented Sharpshooter Technology, which uses OBD-II data like no other scan tool ever has. When you use it in your shop it will help you verify:


► MAF Sensors Problems  ►Catalytic Efficiency Problems  ► Fuel Control Problems  ► Fuel Delivery Problems

► Low Power Problems  ► Charging System Problems  ► Mechanical Problems  ►  and Much More...


Get smart! Turn your laptop computer into a diagnostic powerhouse with the eSCAN scan tool from ATS. This Motor Top 20 Tool connects to all major data protocols: ISO-9141-2, KWP2000, J1850 (PWM and VPM), and CAN Bus Types.


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