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Our Brands!

Here at Kiloism Enterprise, We have partnerships with all of the largest companies in the automotive and Heavy Duty Diesel trucking industry. We do not list all of our products on our website, However we do carry practically anything you may want or need. Please see our Brand List Below and Call us at (518)836-5400 to place an order or for an inquiry! Thank you for being the best part of our industry!

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Partner Brands   
1st Mile Folgers (FOL) Pico Technologies
3M Company (2PS, 3M) Formula 409 (CLO) Pinerite
8x8 Fowler (FOW) Platinum (PLT)
9 Circle (9CL) Fresh Products (FRS) Plews & Edelmann (AMF)
AC Delco (ACD) Frontier Communications Plews (PLE)
AC Delco Power Tools Fusion Plumb (PLU)
ACC Business G & B Products Plyworx
Access Point Gaither Equipment (GAI) Polar Cool
Access Tools (AET) Garland Manufacturing Company (GAR) Polycom
Accusharp GearWrench (KDT) Polyvance (URE)
Acme Automotive (ACM) Gemtex Abrasives (GMA) Pomona Electronics (POM)
Actron (ACT) Generac Power Systems (GNR) POR-15 (POR)
Adams Manufacturing (ADM) General Econopak (GEI) Port Of Cool LLC
Advance Design Sys. General Mills (GNM) Port-A-Cool (PTC)
Advanced Diagnostics General Supply (UFS) Portasol USA
Advanced Finishing Technologies (THN) General Technologies Porter Cable
AES Industries (AES) General Tools (GEN) Posi Lock Puller, Inc. (POS)
AGS Georgia Pacific Professional (GPC) Power Probe (PPM, PWP)
Air Filtration Co., Inc. (AFC) Gerson (GER) Power Probe Tek (PWP)
Air Nesco (NP, NP7) GL Enterprises (GLE) Powerbright
AIRCAT (ACA) Glass Star Of America Precision Instruments (PRE)
Airespring Gojack Precision Valve (PRV)
AJAX TOOLS (AJX) GOJO Industries (GJO) Pressure Inc
AJM Packaging Corporation (AJM) Goo Gone (WMN) Presta (PST)
ALC Tools and Equipment (ALC) Goodall (GDL) Prevost (PVS)
Alden Corporation (ALD) Goodyear Air Hose Prevost Corporation
Alden Wrench (AWR) Graco Prime Line
Alera (ALE) Grainger (GRA) Private Brand Tools (PBT)
Alert tools Granite Pro Motorcar (PMC)
All Power America (ALP) Green Cloud Technologies Pro Snips (PSP)
All start Grey Pneumatic (GRY) Procter & Gamble (PGC)
ALLEN (ALN) Grip On Tools Prostripe (PRS)
Allied International (ALL) Group 31 Proto Industrial Tools (PRO)
Allison Corporation (ASN) Grow Automotive (GRO) Protoco Enterprises (PRT)
Altice Business GTT QTS
Aluminum Collision tools (ACL) GuardAir (GRD) Quality Lifts
AME International (AME) H & S Auto Shot Quip-All (QPL)
American Forge & Foundry (AFF) H&S Autoshot (HSW, UNI) R&H Products (RHP)
American Gage H.K. Porter (HKP) Rackspace
American Imc H.T. Mould, Inc. (RAC) Rapicscale
American Lubrication Equipment Co. Hansen Global (HSN) Rapidfix (RFX)
American Power Pull (AMG) Hanson Irwin Rayovac (RAY)
American Safety Razor (ASR) Hargrave (HRG) Raytek (RTK)
American Tape (AMT) Hein Werner Razorsmith
American Telephone Company (ATC) Hein-Werner Automotive (HWA) Razorweld (RAZ)
American Telesis Heli-Coil RBL Products, Inc. (RBL)
Amflo (AMF) Heli-Coil (HEC) RCN Business
Ammco (AMM) Hennessy Industries Inc. (BLN) Reading Technologies, Inc. (RTC)
Amprobe (AMP) Herkules (HRK) Realxgear
Angel Guard Hi Tech Industries Red Kap (RKP)
Anglo American (ANG, NES) Highland Tank Redback Boots (RDB)
AnsellPro (ANS) Hi-Tech Industries (HIT) Redline Detection (RDL)
Apache Hose & Belting (APA) Hoffman (HOF) Ring Central
Apex Power Bits (APE) Hofmann Equipment (Snap On) Ringers (RIN)
Armor All (AMA) Holmes (HLS) Robinair (ROB)
Armstrong (ARM) HOMAK (HOM) Rogers
Assenmacher Specialty Tools (ASM, ASO) Hoover Commercial (HVR) Rotary Lift (ROT)
Associated Equipment (ASO) Hospital Specialty Co. (HSC) Royal Paper Products (RPP)
Astro Pneumatic (AST) Huck (HUK) RTI Techologies INC
At&t Hunter Engineer Group RTI, Inc. (RTI)
ATD Tools (ATD) Husky Rubbermaid Commercial (RCP)
Atec Trans Tool (ATC) Hutchins (HTN) RUSFRE (RUS)
ATEQ (ATQ) Hypercore Networks Ryaka
Atlantic Safety Products (ATL) Imperial Schrade Taylor S & G Tool Aid (SGT)
Autel (ADS, AUL, MXI) Induction Innovations, Inc. (ICT) S.U.R & R
Auto Meter Products (AMR) Industrial Gold Safco (SAF)
Automotive Art (ART) Infratech (INF) Safety Seal (NSL)
Automotive Distributors Co., Inc. (ELE) Ingersoll Rand (IRC, IRR) Sanitaire (EUR)
Avaya Ingersoll Rand Compressors (IRR) SAS Safety (SAS)
Axis (AXI) Innova Electronics (INN) SAS Safety Corp
Azure Innova Equus SATA (RPS, SAT)
Badger Air Brush (BAD) Innovative Products of America (IPA) Sata Dan
Bartec USA (BTC) IntelePeer Save Phace (SAV)
Base Line (BLN) Intenap Schlegel (SCH)
Bayco Products (BAY) Inteplast Group (IBS) Schley Products (SLY, TTI)
BelAire (IMC) Interdynamics (ITD) Schrade (SCR)
Bell Ionic Pro (ION) Schumacher (SHM)
Big D Industries (BGD) IRWIN HANSON (AHN) Schumacher Electric Dsr
Big Gator Tools IRWIN VISE-GRIP (VSG) Scorpion Jacks (SPN)
BIG UGGLY (BGU) Iwata (IWA) SEM Products (SEM)
Bigleaf Networks Jackco International (JKO) SENSIBLE PRODUCTS (SYP)
Binks (BIN) Jackson Products (JAC) Seymour of Sycamore, Inc. (SEY)
Birch Jacobs Chucks (JCB) Shark Industries, Ltd. (SRK)
Black Jack Tire Repair (BJK) Jaguar Plastics (JAG) Sharpe (SHA)
Blackhawk Automotive (BHK) JalTest Sharpie
Blackhawk Hand Tools (BLT) Jenny Sheffield Research (SHE)
Blair Equipment (BLR) Jet Equipment Shinn Fu Corporation (SNF)
Blaster Jet Tools (JET) Shoot Suit, Inc. (SHO)
B'laster Corporation (BST) Jive Shop Iron
Blazer Products  John Dow Dynamics (JDD) Shop Vac Corp
Blue Diamond Solutions John Dow Industries (JDI) Shop-Vac (SPV)
Boardwalk (BWK) JTAPE (JTA) Sidewinder (SDW)
Boltbuster Jump-N-Carry (KKC) Simple Green (SMP)
Booster Pac Justrite Manufacturing Company (JUS) Singtel
Boraxo (DIP) K&K Jumpstart SIR Tools (SIR)
Bosch Diagnostics (BSD) KASCO ABRASIVES (KCO) SK Hand Tool (SKT)
Bosch Power Tools (BPT) Kellogg's (KEB) Smart Vehicle Diagnostics (SVD)
Branick Industries (BRN) Ken Tool SMITH & WESSON (SNW)
BREEZE Industrial Products (BRE) Ken-Tool (KEN, KTL) Snap On
BRIGHT Air (BRI) Kershaw Knives (KER) Snyder's (SNY)
Bright Solutions Key Back (KBK) Solar (SOL)
Broad Sky Keyline Solder It
BroadSmart Keysco Tools (KEY) Solder-It, Inc. (SOD)
Brown Aviation Tool (BTA) Kiene Diesel Accessories (KEI) SolderWeld (SWI)
Brown Line Metalworks  Killer Tools (KIL) SOLO Cup Company (SCC)
Brownline (BWN) Kimberly-Clark (KCC, KIM) SP Air Corporation (SPA)
Bruno Wessel (BWI) King Tony (KTO) Spangler (SGL)
Brush Research (BRM) Klann Tools Inc (KLT) Sparkle (FUN)
Bruske Products (BRU) Kleanstrip (KLE) Specialty Products Company (SPC)
Buff and Shine (BFS) Klein Tools (KLN, VCO) Spectrotel
Bullseye Telecom Knipex (KNT) Spectrum
Bulwark (BUL) KnKut (KNK, KNT) Spectrum Business
BUNN (BUN) K-Tool International (KTI) Splenda (SCJ)
C.H. Hanson (CHH) Kukko (KKU) Spray Nine (ITW)
Cal Van Tools Lang (LNG) Sprayway (SPR)
California Auto Teck (CAT) Lang Tools Kastar Sprint
California Torque Products (CTP) Laser Labs (LAS) Stanley (STN)
CallTower Launch (LAU) Stant (STA)
Cal-Van Tools (CAL) Launch Tech Steck (STK)
Camel (CAM) Lava (ELB) Steel Wool (STW)
Campbell (CMP) LDS Industries (LDS) Steelman PRO (JSP)
CanDo International (CDO) Legacy Manufacturing Company (LEG) Steiner Industies
Captain Lee's (CAP) Lenco Inc (LCO) Steiner Industries (STI)
Carborundum Abrasives Lenox Tools (LEN) Stockhausen (SHN)
Cargo Lock Liberty Glove & Safety (LIB) Strategic Tools & Equipment Company (MST, STG)
Cat Flashlight Lightower Streamlight (STL)
CDI (CDI) Lightpath Stride Tool (IMP)
CEMB Like 90 (LIK) Striker (SRI)
Central States Hose, Inc. (HOS) Lincoln Electric (LEW) Style Line (STY)
Central Tools (CEN) Lincoln Industrial (LNI) Sugarinthe (SGR)
Century Drill Liquid Eyewear (LIQ) Sunex (SUU)
Century Link Lisle (LIS) Sunex Tools (SUU)
Chadwick & Trefethen, Inc. (CNT) Lisle Tools SUR&R Auto Parts (SRR)
Challenger Lifts (CHL) Listo Pencil Company (LTO) Sure Shot (SUR)
Champion Fulfillment (CMF) Lock Technology Swiss Miss (COC)
Channellock (CNL) Lord Fusor (FUS) Symtech (SYM)
Channellock Inc LTI Tools (LOC) Tactal
Cheetah Tsi Lubrimatic (LUB) Tata Communications
Chicago Pneumatic (CPT) Lufkin (LUF) Tcn
Chicago Pneumatic Compressors (CPC) Lumax (LMX) Tech Life (ANC)
Chicopee, Inc (CHI) Lysol (LYS, QCK) Tecmate (TEC)
China Telecom Americas Mack Brush (MAC) Tekna (TEK)
Circle Nine Macro Air Tekz
Clean Sheets (CLN) Mag Instrument (MAG) Telefonica
Cleveland (CLE) Magnet Paint & Shellac Co., Inc. (MPC) Telesystem
CLIPLIGHT (MSS) Mahle Service Solutions (MSS) Telex
Coast (CST) Majestic Tools and Equipment (MAJ) Telstra
Coats Makita (MKT) Tesa (TSA)
Coats Baseline Mango Voice TG Products (RSV)
Coby Electronics (COB) Manufacturer's Manufacturer, Inc. (MAN) THE NOCO COMPANY (NOC)
Coffee-mate (CMT) Mar-Hyde (MHD) Thermal Arc
Cogent Marino (MRN) Thermal Dynamics
Cojali (COJ) Marson (MAR) Thexton (THX)
Cojali USA (COJ) Martin Sprocket & Gear (FMT) TIF (TIF)
Coleman (TPI) Masergy Tiger Tool (TGR)
Colgate-Palmolive Company (CGP) Master Appliance (MRA) Time Mist (TMS)
Colt  Master Lock (MLK) Time Shaver Tools, Inc. (TIM)
Columbia River Knife & Tool (COL) Mastercool (MSC) Tire Service Equipment (TSI)
Comcast Business  Matson Paint Products (MAT) Titan (TTN)
Congress Drives (CNG) Mayfair (MFR) T-mobile
Contec (CON) Mayhew (MAY) Tolco Corporation (TOC)
Controller Technologies Mayhew Tools (MAY) Tomco
Convergia McKanica (MKN) Top Tool (TOP)
Cool Rite MDI Wipes (MDI) Tork (MOL, SCA)
Coresite Mechanic Advisor Toucan Refinishes (TOU)
Corghi Tire Equipment (COR) Mechanic Marketplace Touch Tone communications
Cosco (CSC) Mechanic's Time Savers (MTS) Tower Stream
COX Mechanix Wear (MCX) TPX
CPS Products (CPS) MEDCO AC Buying Guide (ACF) TPX Communications
Crescent (CRE) Medicom Business Tracer Products
Crown (CWN) Megapath Tracerline (HBF)
Crushproof (CRU) Meguiar's (MGL) Transbeam
Crystal (BON) Memphis (CRW) Transtar (TRE)
CTA Manufacturing Corporation (CTA) Mercantile Development Inc. Wipes (MDI) TraXion Engineered Products (REL)
Cummins Merchant Partners Trimaco (TRI)
Dart (DCC) Mercury Floor Machines (EAG) Tru-Flate (TRF)
Deka (DEK) Microflex (MFX) Tuxedo Distributors, LLC (LFT)
Dent Fix Corporation Midtronics (MDT) U. S. Chemical & Plastics (USC)
Dent Fix Equipment (DRE, DTF) Miller (MLL) U.S. Can (CAN)
Desmond Stephan Mfg. Company (DES) Milton Industries (MIL) Ullman Devices (ULL)
DeVilbiss (DEV) Milwaukee (MWK) U-Mark (UMK)
DeWalt (DMF, DWT) Mini Moo's (MMO) Uneeda Enterprises (UNE)
DG Technologies (DGT) Mirka Abrasives (MRK) Unger (UNG)
Diamond Fleet Coating Systems (DMF) Mitchell 1  Uni-ram (URM)
Digitool Solutions (DIG) Mitel United Cutlery
Digium Mityvac (MTY) U-POL Products (UPL)
Dixie (DXE) Mo-Clamp (MCL) Urethane Supply Co. (URE)
DJS Fabrications, Inc. (DJS) Mohawk Lifts Uvex (UVX)
Dominion Sure Seal (DOM) Monoxivent U-View
Domino (DMN) Monument Tools (MNT) UView (UVW)
Dremel (DRE) Moody Tools (MDY) V8 Hand Tools (VHT)
Drill Doctor (DAR) Mothers Polish (MTR) V8 Tools
Dupli-Color (DUP) Motor Vacula (VAC)
Dura Heat Motor Guard (MOT) Vacutec
Durablock Motorvac (MVC) Vampire Tools (VMP)
Dura-Block (DRB) Mueller Kueps (MKP) Vaper
Durabook Nabisco (NFG) Verizon 
Duramix (DRX) National Electric USA, LLC. (NAT) Vermont American (VER)
Dynabrade (DYN) Nesco (NBG, NG, TPC) Versa Chem (VRS)
Dynatron Bondo (BND) Nesco Air Compressors (NAC) Vibac (VIB)
Eastern Tools & Equipment, Inc. (ETQ) Nesco Body Shop (NB) Victor
Easy Kleen Pressure System Nesco Hydraulics (NS) Viking Air Tools (VKG)
Eco-Products (ECO) Nesco Shop Equipment (NE) Viledon Airfilters (VIL)
Eddy Products Nesco Specialty Equipment (NM) VIM Tools (VIM)
Eklind (EKL) Nestor Sales (AIM) Viskon-Aire (VIS)
Electronic Specialties (ESI) Neutronics (NEU) Vivial
Emerald (DFD) New Pig Corporation (NPG) Vogel Automotive Coatings (FWP, VAP)
EMM Colad (EMM) NEXIQ Technologies (MPS) Vonage Business 
Enerco (ENR) Nextica W & E Fasteners (WEF)
Energy Logic Nicholson (NCS) W & E Sales Co
EnergyFlo (ERE) Nitel W & E Tools (WET)
Entelegent Solutions Nitrostan (NIT) W.Y. International (QUI)
Envirotech N'Joy (NJO) Waekon Industries (WAE)
Equinix Noco Wakeon
Erickson Manufacturing, Ltd. (ERI) Norbar (NBR) Walton Company
Ernst (ERN) Norco Industries, Inc. (NRC) Wanda (WAN)
ESAB (ESB) Noregon (NRS) WD-40 (WDF)
Esco (ESC) North Shore (NSL) Welch's (WLC)
ESET Smart Security Norton (NTN) Weller (WEL)
Estwing Manufacturing Co., Inc. (EST) NTT Communications West
Ex-Cell (EXC) Ocean Spray (OCS) Wheelhouse IT
Extreme Tools (EXT, GWT) Office Snax (OFX) Whistler (WST)
E-Z Mix (EMX) Old Forge White Industries
E-Z Red  Omega Tool Corporation (OMG) Whiteside Manufacturing (WHI)
E-Z Red (CAT, EZR) Openbay
EZDS Optimum Business Williams (WLM)
Fat Pipe Oreck Commercial (ORK) Wilton (JET, WIL)
FCAR OTC Tools & Equipment (OTC) Windsoft (WIN)
Ferro Industries (FER) Paddles (PAD) Windstream Enterprise 
Fiberlight Paint Brush (PB) Wirthco (WTH)
Fibre-Glass Evercoat (FIB) Painters Pride Products (PPP) Wiss (WIS)
Fill-Rite (FIL) PanTerra Wivco Design (WIV)
Finesse Pinstriping (FIN) Pelican (PEL) Wizards (WIZ)
Finish Pro (FPR) Penny Lane (PNL) WMH TOOL GROUP (BNC)
Firepower (VCT) Penski (PEN) Wrigley's (WRI)
FJC Inc Pepperidge Farm (PPF) X-4 Tool Division
FJC, Inc. (FJC) Perfect Equipment (PER) Xcast Labs
Fleet Pride (FLP) Performance 1 (BAR, PPT) Xcelite (XCE)
Flexential Performance Tool Xchange
Flexon Industries (FXN) Permatex (LOT) Xcharge
Flo-Dynamics (FLO) Peter Kwasny Inc. (SPM) Young Bros. Stamp Works Inc. (YOU)
Fluke (FLK) Pgi Zayo
Fluke Electronics Inc Phoenix Systems (PHO, PHX)